Physics at Northeastern invites you to join an exciting journey to explore, discover, and apply the fundamental principles that run the universe. Take a front-row seat as you visualize everything from the collisions of sub-atomic particles to the dance of the galaxies.

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The Department of Physics at Northeastern University offers a broad range of curricula that reflect the intellectual excitement and relevance of studying physics both within its broadly defined traditional boundaries and at the intersection with other disciplines, in particular the biomedical sciences, where physics is having a growing impact. In addition, the department offers unique opportunities for students to experience frontline research at the undergraduate level through internships in faculty research labs and coops.


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How long is an Ebola survivor contagious? One case is causing scientists to rethink the answer.

Surviving Ebola isn’t like getting over the flu. In recent years, researchers have found that the Ebola virus can linger in some survivors, though it was unclear how likely these…
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Shaping light with groundbreaking biologically inspired materials

Researcher in Professor Max Bi's group looked to tissue layers in biology to design a material that may revolutionize photonics.
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Hasnain Hafiz

Physicist takes on battery challenges

Hasnain Hafiz was recently recognized by the College of Science for his exemplary work in research in functional energy materials.
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Sep 25th, 2018
Sushila Maharjan, Ph.D Research Fellow, Brigham and women’s Hospital Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting is a group of rapidly growing technology that has potential applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This…
Sep 25th, 2018
CIRCS: Wrinkles in Thin Solids Benny Davidovitch Department of Physics, UMass Amherst Confining thin objects, such as rods, sheets and shells into a volume smaller than their lateral size typically…