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Physics at Northeastern invites you to join an exciting journey to explore, discover, and apply the fundamental principles that run the universe. Take a front-row seat as you visualize everything from the collisions of sub-atomic particles to the dance of the galaxies.

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Physics Degree Programs

The Department of Physics at Northeastern University offers a broad range of curricula that reflect the intellectual excitement and relevance of studying physics both within its broadly defined traditional boundaries and at the intersection with other disciplines, in particular the biomedical sciences, where physics is having a growing impact. In addition, the department offers unique opportunities for students to experience frontline research at the undergraduate level through internships in faculty research labs and coops.


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The Next Step in Particle Physics? To Expand the ‘Lego Block Set of Our Universe’

To tap into the still-unexplained phenomena of the Standard Model, particle physicists need new strategies, new ideas, and new plans.
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The Secret to Making Stuff Better? Shoot it With a Laser.

Northeastern physicist Gregory Fiete, left, and his doctoral student Michael Vogl have taken the first step in developing the next generation of electronics.
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What do you get a World-Renowned Physicist for his Birthday?

Pran Nath, who was hired at Northeastern in 1966, has spent his career trying to uncover the laws of physics that govern our universe.
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Jul 15th, 2019
Dr. Thorsten-Lars Schmidt, Assistant Professor for Experimental Biophysics of Department of Physics, Kent State University, OH, USA presents: “Nanoarchitectures and bioengineering tools made from DNA”