Mathematics is of ever-increasing importance to our society and everyday life. It has long been the language of science and technology, and provides a rich source of methods for analyzing and solving problems encountered in the physical world. Today, mathematics is essential in virtually all fields of human endeavor, including business, the arts, and the social sciences.

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The NU Mathematics Department offers several undergraduate degree programs, including combined majors. There are also several graduate programs in the department.


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Valerio Toledano Named Fellow of the American Mathematical Society

Professor Valerio Laredo Toledano has been named Fellow of the American Mathematical Society class of 2019.
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Math PhD Candidate Invited to Prestigious Event in Germany

Graduate student in Mathematics Monika Pichler was selected to participate at the 6th Heidelberg Laureate Forum this September, a conference that connects laureates in mathematics and computer science with students.
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Mathematics professor receives NSF grant to build tools for network analysis

In a world full of networks, understanding them is surprisingly hard. This professor is working on building tools to help.
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Feb 26th, 2019
Speaker: Rose Yu (Khoury, NU) Abstract: Multivariate spatiotemporal data is ubiquitous in science and engineering, from sports analytics to neuroscience. Such data can be naturally represented as a multiway tensor.…