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The Northeastern Marine and Environmental Science program seeks to prepare future generations of climatologists, ecologists, and marine biologists for the front lines of climate change — to reclaim our coral reefs, and oceans, our biodiversity, our air, and certainty for our future.

The College of Science psychology program works to explore the deepest inner workings of our brains and uncover why we do what we do.

The College of Science physics program equips you with what we know about our universe — theories on matter, the forces, space, and time — so you can reach into the unknown and answer the question… why?

The College of Science chemistry program, through stimulating and supportive real-world preparation and research, will help you navigate your own path to discovery and pursue a meaningful career in any field.

A College of Science education equips you with the tools to explore the answers to such profound questions – to better understand the striking complexity of linguistic knowledge, to appreciate the remarkable diversity of linguistic structure, and, along the way, to unravel a bit of the mystique surrounding this critical facet of the human experience.

The College of Science Biology program provides students with a broad understanding of the biological organization and processes of life, from molecules and cells through tissues and organs, to populations, ecosystems, and evolution.


Our PreMed and PreHealth Advising program offers personalized expertise to Northeastern students pursuing careers in Pre-Medical (MD/DO), Pre Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Podiatry, and Pre-Veterinary areas.

The Three Seas Program is an immersive and field-intensive program in marine biology with a focus on research, applied marine sustainability, conservation, and restoration.

Often simply referred to as the MSC, the center is the marine research and educational facility of Northeastern University. Located on the peninsula at historic East Point in Nahant, Massachusetts, the MSC juts into the ocean just five miles north-northeast of the entrance to Boston Harbor.