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Professional advisors in the College of Science are available to provide support, advice, and referral services for all student issues and concerns. Science students are urged to connect with advisors on a regular basis; we look forward to hearing from you!



Information about advising, fellowships, forms and other resources for current undergraduate students, visit:

College of Science Undergraduate Student Support on Blackboard

Deadlines and effective terms:

Change of Major Priority Deadlines are:

  • FALL Priority Deadline: October 25, 2019, Final Deadline is Reading Day
  • SPRING Priority Deadline: March 20, 2020, Final Deadline is Reading Day
  • SUMMER Priority Deadline: June 26, 2020, Final Deadline is Reading Day

Effective Term is the following Semester.

Current undergraduate students who wish to transfer to a science major should complete and submit the petition. Completing the form by the priority deadline ensures that student’s requests will be reviewed before registration begins. If the process is completed after the priority deadline, we will review the student request at the end of the semester.

We strongly recommend that you start the process by meeting with a faculty or academic advisors in your intended new major to discuss your goals and academic plans. For specific change of major of requirements and a list of appropriate Academic Advisor with whom to meet, please refer to this document.

Students will be notified of one of three statuses via email:

  • Petition Approved: Student meets all the entrance criteria for their major.
  • Petition Delayed: Student is currently enrolled in required courses required. If student meets all criteria after final grades are posted, the major change will be process.
  • Petition Denied: Student does not meet requirements and should work with their current advisor to develop a plan to meet requirements in the future. Students are welcome to re-petition once they have met the major change requirements.

Email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your NU ID
  • Name of the COS minor you would like to declare

Declaring a non-COS Minor
If you are COS student looking to declare a minor in another college at Northeastern, please refer to that College’s Minor Declaration information.

Dropping a Minor
If you need to drop your COS Minor, contact your Academic Advisor.


Information about fellowships, travel funding, forms and other resources for current graduate students, visit:

College of Science Graduate Student Support on Blackboard

Admitted Student Webinar Series and Live Chat