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The College of Science may be located in Boston, but the education it offers extends worldwide. Our students study at university abroad, work for foreign companies, perform service projects in nations around the world, and conduct research on a global scale. Participating students develop a deep understanding of their host countries by becoming immersed in the local language and culture. With a world of opportunity—and scholarship programs available—the possibilities are endless.

Dialogue of Civilizations

Offered through the Global Experience Office, Dialogue of Civilizations (DOC) are faculty-led educational experiences offered during the shorter summer academic semesters. Between 15 and 35 students spend approximately 30 days in one of 20 different countries, earning credit while experiencing different national, cultural, political, and social environments. Science-focused DOCs include:

  • Personality & Abnormal Psych: The Intersection of Science & Culture (UK)
  • The Mathematical Heritage of Hungary (Hungary)
  • Food, Forests & Fisheries: Rewilding, Recultivating, and Reimagining Europe (Romania)
  • Field Study of Volcanic & Glacial Processes (Iceland)
  • Coastal Sustainability Challenges in Southeast Asia and New England (SE Asia and New England)

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Study Abroad

Study Abroad programs are offered during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester at one of Northeastern’s partner institutions. Students can take classes at a foreign university, typically taught by local faculty members that are specific to their major or area of interest. Study Abroad programs have a direct immersion aspect, which can assist in broadening students’ academic experience and deepening their cultural awareness. Our partnership institutions are located all over the world including:

  • Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy
  • Queens University in Belfast, Ireland
  • The University of Hong Kong
  • Bond University on the Gold Coast of Australia
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University of Dundee, Scotland Study and Research Abroad Program

Northeastern’s newest program in the Life Sciences at the No. 1 rated Life Sciences university in the UK has an opportunity for Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Biochemistry students to study abroad. This program also provides the opportunity to engage in hands-on research at one of the world’s emerging centers for biomedical research.

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Global Co-op

The Global Cooperative Education Program provides opportunities for Northeastern students to co-op on all seven continents with foreign and multinational employers, U.S. employers doing business abroad, and other international organizations. At Global Co-ops, students work on the front line in diverse cultures addressing the challenges of today’s global society. These types of opportunities are designed to enhance a student’s career portfolio and prepare them to effectively lead and conduct business across communities around the globe.

Cooperative Education Research

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