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Barnett Institute for Chemical & Biological Analysis

The Barnett Institute is a center of excellence in the development and application of technologies for biopharmaceutical characterization and proteomics and systems biology.

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With more than 50 scientists and a $8 million endowment, the Institute is recognized internationally as one of the premier centers for cutting-edge research and advanced training in analytical chemistry for biomedical applications.


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He’s Training Computers to Find New Molecules With the Machine Learning Algorithms Used by Facebook and Google

Using the same techniques that help social media learn about you, Northeastern assistant professor Steven Lopez is training machine learning algorithms to find millions of new molecules to help make…
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Fresh Test: Co-op Kevin Coghlan holds two avocados bought on the same day. Using a silk-based protein, Cambridge Crops is able to keep one fresher for longer.

The Secret Formula That Will Keep Your Produce Fresher

Chemistry major Kevin Coghlan is on co-op developing silk-based solutions to extend the shelf life of foods at Cambridge Crops.
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The Deep Ocean Is Not on Fire. So What’s All That Soot Doing in There?

Aron Stubbins, an associate professor of marine and environmental sciences at Northeastern, teamed up with a group of researchers who tested the  long-established idea that rivers eventually transport black carbon…
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Feb 10th, 2020
Fellows “Authority and Subversion” 2019-2020 Ekaterina Botchkovar Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice “War Exposure and Degradation of Morality: The Case of Ukraine” Patricia Mabrouk Professor, Department of Chemistry…