Psychology majors at Northeastern University create paths specific to their interests while obtaining a strong foundation in research and practice through a flexible curriculum and many experiential opportunities.

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Degree Programs

The Department of Psychology offers a variety of degree programs at the undergraduate level and a Ph.D. program at the graduate level. Our programs provide insight into the interdisciplinary study of mind, brain, and behavior, with broad applications to such fields as health and medicine, education, business, public and social services, and law.


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Making the Leap from Video Games to a Psychology Lab

Ruiming Wang designed a fictional island where exercise and the outdoors convene in order to study how people perform on tasks that they encounter while inside the world.
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It’s Time To Correct Neuroscience Myths

Lisa Feldman Barrett, a psychology professor at Northeastern who has been awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship, finds misinformation and myths about the brain everywhere. So she’s setting the record straight…
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Lisa Barrett Honored with the 2019 Thibault Award

Dr. Barrett received the 2019 Thibault Award, chosen by UNC's graduate students.
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