Iris Berent

Iris Berent



  • Core Knowledge, Experimental Philosophy, Experimental Phonology, Language, Reading

About Iris Berent

Dr. Berent’s research seeks to unveil human nature and our intuitive understanding of it. To shed light on human nature, she explores the human capacity for language using phonology as a case study. Adopting a programmatic interdisciplinary approach, she examines whether phonology is constrained by abstract universal principles, and whether these principles are shared across language modalities—speech and sign. A second line of research investigates how laypeople reason about human nature. Of particular interest is whether our inborn cognitive capacities bias our understanding of what we know and who we think we are.


Mailing Address:

125 NI (Nightingale Hall), Boston, MA 02115
Institutes, Labs & Research Centers
Language and Mind Lab
Behavioral Neuroscience

The Language & Mind Lab studies how the mind works and how we (laypeople) think it does, concentrating on the concept of innate knowledge.



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