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Here’s the Secret to Unlocking Our Compassion in the Face of Mass Suffering

David DeSteno and Daniel Lim found that people are more likely to feel compassion in the face of mass suffering if they believe they can make a difference. Compassion, it seems, is a skill you can strengthen, which is great news for society in general.

What People Who Don’t like Music Might Tell Us about Social Interaction

Northeastern professors Ajay Satpute and Psyche Loui are studying the link between music and social interaction. They're asking whether the brain phenomenon that makes music undesirable to five percent of the population is also what impairs social bonding in people with autism spectrum disorders.

Of Mice and Women

Victorian-era stereotypes that were originally used to keep women out of leadership positions are still with us today, says Rebecca Shansky, an associate professor of psychology at Northeastern. And they're interfering with scientific research.

You Think You Can Read Facial Expressions? You’re Wrong.

Everything from emotion-reading AI to TSA terror threat recognition training relies on the assumption that emotions can be deciphered from basic and universal facial expressions. A new study by Northeastern professor Lisa Feldman Barrett shows that the evidence has always been saying otherwise.