Science and religion can get along, says former director of the National Institutes of Health

Science and religion are typically thought to be at odds with one another, but Francis Collins doesn’t see it that way.

The former director of both the National Institutes of Health and National Human Genome Research Institute, Collins is also a man of devout faith. Looking at the distrust and increasingly fractious divide between scientific and religious communities in the U.S., Collins believes there’s actually more both groups could learn from each other.

“I have not in my 40 some years as a Christian and somebody who, I hope, has practiced pretty rigorous science ever really seen a circumstance where what one is teaching is in conflict with the other,” Collins recently said at a live recording of the “How God Works” podcast at Northeastern University’s EXP research complex. “So then why should we not be overlapping?”

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Photo by Matthew Modoono

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