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Fall Foliage

The College of Science offers distinguished programs in fields that are at the forefront of discovery, invention, and innovation.

These programs in the physical sciences, life sciences, and mathematics give students a deep understanding of emerging fields such as chemical biology, cognition and neuroscience, environmental and marine science, biochemistry, nanoscience, and network science.

Northeastern’s unique experiential learning approach combined with a strong culture of undergraduate research provides students with numerous opportunities to collaborate with leading faculty on research projects aimed at solving global challenges: developing renewable energy technologies, building biomimetic robots, examining speech cognition, and many others. College of Science students also pursue research positions in Boston and around the world- with hospitals, businesses, and private and government research institutions-through Northeastern’s signature co-op program, or through an academic internship.

Our students take advantage of opportunities to explore the larger possibilities of science and mathematics, and view their major field of study from new perspectives, by engaging in community service and global learning activities in such rich locales for learning as the Galapagos Islands and Panama.

Our college promotes interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary thinking among faculty and students, fostering the pursuit of innovation-driven discoveries that make an impact on lives. And because interdisciplinary programs at Northeastern often cut across broad areas of study-the arts, humanities, engineering, social sciences, and computer science-these connections extend beyond the confines of mathematics and science.

By combining the outstanding academics, real-world experience, and interdisciplinary opportunities of a world-class research university, the College of Science provides students with the best foundation to achieve their goals, in graduate school and in the professional world.