Biochemistry focuses on the chemical processes occurring in the wide variety of living systems and touches essentially all aspects of our own lives. Our Northeastern program engages you in two integrated paths to a career in biochemistry: rigorous coursework that prepares you to interpret the ever-expanding knowledge base and hands-on learning that positions you to leverage cutting-edge technology to solve fundamental problems in the chemistry of life.

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Northeastern launches chapter of the College Diabetes Network

The Northeastern chapter of the College Diabetes Network (CDN) was started last year by interested students and advised by Assistant Professor of Biology Dori Woods to connect students with type…
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New technology paves way for CAREER award, student research opportunities

Professor Dori Woods has just received a CAREER award from the NSF for her work on mitochondrial heterogeneity. This award will help her further her research while simultaneously giving the…
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Carol Livermore stands in front of a red background staring just off camera.

How one Northeastern spinoff is using origami to speed up drug development

To Northeastern engineering professor Carol Livermore, origami is more than just beautiful art—it’s a platform to create life-saving innovations in science and medicine.
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Apr 4th, 2018
Synthesis of complex and diverse compounds, novel anticancer targets, and targeting drug-resistant bacteria
Apr 11th, 2018
Use of chemical biology, de novo protein design, and directed evolution to engineer novel proteins with desired functional properties