Biochemistry focuses on the chemical processes occurring in the wide variety of living systems and touches essentially all aspects of our own lives. Our Northeastern program engages you in two integrated paths to a career in biochemistry: rigorous coursework that prepares you to interpret the ever-expanding knowledge base and hands-on learning that positions you to leverage cutting-edge technology to solve fundamental problems in the chemistry of life.

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The Secret of a Squid’s Ability to Change Colors may lie in an Unexpected Sparkle on its Skin

Leila Deravi has been working to investigate squid camouflage on a molecular level with a large, interdisciplinary team of researchers. Their work on the longfin squid, reveals an entirely new…
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Whooping Cough is Back. Here’s the Global Collaboration to Fight It.

Nearly 50 scientists collaborated with Physics Professor Sam Scarpino to develop a compendium on pertussis and dispute the reasoning for its resurgence worldwide.
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Research Grants Awarded to Two Undergraduate Students

Two undergraduate students working in Professor Rebecca Shansky’s lab were awarded research grants from the Mindlin Foundation and Northeastern University.
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Apr 1st, 2019
Emma Towson,Ph.D., Barabasi Lab, Northeastern University presents: Network control theoretic approaches to understanding brain structure and function
Apr 8th, 2019
Jonathan Yewdell, Ph.D., Chief of the Cellular Biology Section at NIAID presents: RiboSeq and Ye Shall Find: Non-Canonical Protein Translation in Cancer Immunosurveillance