Katie Lotterhos

Katie Lotterhos


  • Eco-evolutionary Genomics, Molecular And Evolutionary Ecology, Population Genetics

About Katie Lotterhos

The Lotterhos Lab at Northeastern Marine Science Center uses eco-evolutionary genomics to understand how climate has shaped biodiversity and how a now rapidly changing climate will affect biodiversity in the future. Our research uses theory and experiment to inform each other and develops novel statistical methodology to integrate data across biological, spatial, and temporal scales. Current research projects include responses of marine invertebrates to ocean acidification and pollution, the population dynamics of fisheries with applications to management and marine reserve design, and methods development in statistical genomics.


Mailing Address:

0 MSC (Marine Science Center), Nahant, MA 01908
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Lotterhos Lab
Marine and Environmental Sciences

The Lotterhos Lab at Northeastern Marine Science Center seeks to understand how climate has shaped marine biodiversity and how a now rapidly changing climate will affect biodiversity in the future.



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