What is ‘marine snow’? And how do microplastics slow the rate at which carbon is pulled from the sea surface to the depths?

It turns out plastics in the ocean do more than suffocate turtles, fish and other marine life. A new study co-authored by Northeastern researcher Aron Stubbins shows that microplastics may reduce the ability of the ocean to help offset the climate crisis by slowing down the rate at which carbon is taken from the sea […]
May 16, 2024

Fix it, don’t toss it. Northeastern student promotes giving new life to broken objects with Zero Waste San Diego co-op

Nicole Lee, a second-year Northeastern University student, grew up enjoying the outdoors in beautiful Marin County, California, and binge-watching David Attenborough’s series “Planet Earth.” “That really inspired me to want to preserve the environment around me,” says Lee, who is majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in the green economy. Lee wanted to find […]
May 01, 2024

This Northeastern co-op is helping uncover the secrets of North Atlantic right whales and Adelie penguins in Antarctica

A co-op with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has third-year Northeastern University student Haley Benjamin observing right whales off the coast of Massachusetts, counting penguins in Antarctica via drone and getting closer to her goal of becoming a marine biologist. “I’ve just always known that I need to work with animals,” says Benjamin, who is […]
April 29, 2024

Exploring the Role of Citizen Science in Research and Community Engagement with Damon Hall

With the excitement of his recent publication, associate professor of Environmental Science and Public Policy, Damon Hall, met with me to discuss his research on the importance of citizen science.   “Citizen silence: Missed opportunities in citizen science” can be accessed here.  What initially sparked your interest in citizen science and its role in research?  My […]
April 23, 2024

Predatory Crabs, Morphing Oysters, and Ocean Electrolysis: MES Undergrads lauded with PEAK awards to support their research

A record number of Northeastern undergraduates are pursuing PEAK project experiences this spring, including several motivated students within the Marine and Environmental Sciences department, including Grace Marnon, Kiran Bajaj, Nicole Mongillo, and Mark Teh. We caught up with each of these talented young scientists to learn more about their research!  Grace Marnon received a Summit […]
April 18, 2024

Northeastern student researches dolphin behavior for a Greek marine conservation nonprofit during Mediterranean Sea co-op

Whether it was kayaking to small inlets in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea or spending overnight on a boat all in the pursuit of tracking the local dolphin population, Northeastern University marine biology major Francesca Russell was living — and working — the dream. Russell, now a fourth-year student, spent last spring on […]
April 11, 2024

Undergraduate Student, Mark Teh, is Bridging Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences

Undergraduate researchers are an integral part of the Marine and Environmental Sciences department and significant contributors to our labs’ scientific advancement. We caught up with undergraduate student Mark Teh to chat about his exciting research endeavors both within the MES department and with external partners.   Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, […]
March 27, 2024

Being queen is all in this termite’s head. Really.

In the world of termites studied by Northeastern professor Rebeca Rosengaus, worker termites spend their few short months on Earth cleaning and feeding their enormous long-lived queen mother and tending to her eggs and their young siblings. Since termite workers and queens both possess a network of genes called the Queen Central Module, it has […]
March 18, 2024

Students dissect oysters and squid, learn about coastal ecology during the annual high school symposium at Northeastern

Students from a dozen area schools measured oysters, dissected squid and learned why plastic is called “ocean smog” during the annual High School Marine Science Symposium at Curry Student Center on Northeastern’s Boston campus. The 250 students got a chance to talk with fledgling and experienced scientists during the event, which was sponsored by Northeastern […]
March 08, 2024

We can’t combat climate change without changing minds. This psychology class explores how.

A new offering for the spring 2024 semester, PSYC-4660 is a seminar in cognition, a subset of psychology that covers how people encode, represent and process information from the environment in the brain, according to Coley, a psychology professor with a dual appointment in environmental science. Humans & Nature zeros in on how those things […]
March 07, 2024

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