Narrative | Ocean Genome Legacy || Cataloguing the Oceans

“By volume, about 99 percent of the habitable portion of our planet is underwater,” says Dan Distel, who directs Northeastern’s Ocean Genome Legacy Center. To explore and preserve the wealth of information contained in the ocean, the center collects DNA samples—over 28,000 so far—and has made that collection available to researchers around the world.
February 22, 2023

Why it’s crucial that scientists lend, not toss, specimens from Antarctica

Not everybody can travel to Antarctica for months at a time to study the continent’s unique ecology, flora and fauna. Now two Northeastern University professors are among those calling for the establishment of an Antarctic biorepository to make sure that any serious researcher who wants to study the birds, animals, plants and microorganisms of the polar south gets a chance to do so.
January 09, 2023

The Desert Dialogue: Q&A With Caterina Wang

Caterina Wang, a recent graduate of Khoury College of Computer Science, completed her studies at Northeastern while on a Dialogue of Civilizations Program held in the desert of Israel: “SUSTAINABLE LIVING IN A HARSH DESERT ENVIRONMENT”.
November 15, 2022