The Linguistics Program at Northeastern aims to provide students with a strong general foundation in the field of linguistics; one which gives students a better understanding of the complexity of language while also preparing them for entry into language-related fields. Students further expand their knowledge by taking elective courses in the field, and may also opt to take part in study-abroad, dialogue of civilizations, domestic and international co-ops, and various research opportunities.

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Our program is structured so that students gain core knowledge about the internal structures that make up language as well as the external rules followed by speakers as they use language in its socio-cultural context, thus giving students a broad basis of understanding.

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Co-op student works to support young girls coping with trauma

James Evans is a linguistics and psychology major who is spending his co-op helping young girls in Uganda who have survived abuse or neglect. Learn about his experience here.

Professor Cooper on Communicating with Aliens in News@Northeastern

In an article about Douglas Vakoch and Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (METI), Professor Cooper speaks with News@Northeastern about some of the issues related to human communication with aliens.

The Syntax of Justice Conference

Professor Janet Randall helped to organize The Syntax of Justice Conference that took place last month on March 30 and 31. The conference focused on the relationship between language and…