Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper

Associate Teaching Professor


  • Historial Linguistics, Typology, Phonology, Language Creation

About Adam Cooper

Professor Cooper earned his MA and PhD in Linguistics at Cornell University, where he centered his attention on the intersection of phonological theory and historical linguistics, with a focus on the sound systems of the Indo-European languages and their reconstructed parent language, Proto-Indo-European. He currently enjoys teaching courses that revolve around these topics, including Phonology, History of English, and Historical Linguistics, as well as other courses that are mainstays in the Linguistics Program, particularly Introduction to Language and Linguistics and, most recently, Linguistic Analysis, the gateway course for all majors and minors in Linguistics.

In addition to teaching in a more traditional, in-person format, Professor Cooper has been at the forefront of extending the Linguistics Program’s course offerings into the online sphere. He was among the initial cohort awarded a fellowship by CATLR to engage in online course design, and in that opportunity developed an asynchronous version of Introduction to Language and Linguistics. He has since taught this course multiple times for a wide audience of students, and, as a CATLR Faculty Scholar, has further elaborated on its original design by harnessing insights gleaned through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. He has more recently leveraged all of this work to develop a section of the same introductory course geared specifically towards first-semester students for the NU Start initiative.

Professor Cooper has also had the pleasure of developing and offering courses at Northeastern outside of the Linguistics Program. For the Explore Program, he taught for several years a first-year seminar on the English lexicon, exploring with first-semester students what this system reveals about the language itself – its structure and history – as well as about its community of users. For the Honors Program, Professor Cooper has offered a first-year seminar on the subject of conlangs – their (surprisingly long) history, structure, and success as manufactured languages – a course which also invites students to actively engage in the creation of languages of their very own.

Beyond teaching, Professor Cooper is also the Linguistics Program’s faculty advisor and assistant director, administrative roles which see him enthusiastically work with students to ensure they meet their academic goals, as well as organize programming intended to deepen their academic experiences. These efforts have culminated in events such as the ‘Summer Linguistics Series’ of linguistically oriented mini-courses for the general Northeastern community, as well as talks and panel discussions that introduce students to current research in the field of linguistics, and expose them to the diverse career paths undertaken by their predecessors.


Mailing Address:

545 NI (Nightingale Hall), Boston, MA 02115


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