Research is an essential part of a scientific degree. Our faculty collaborates with colleagues locally and abroad to tackle the global challenges facing health, security, and sustainability. Designated an R1 National Research University, our portfolio boasts $87M in funding from grants and industry partners.

Join INVEST! A new Junior Faculty Program

*A preliminary review of applications will begin Dec. 8, 2021*

Our innovative INVEST program is a new approach to faculty hiring. If you are completing your PhD or at an early stage of your postdoctoral training, you may be interested in this accelerated pathway to tenure-track faculty appointments.

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Postdoctoral Training Program

Postdoctoral researchers drive discovery in fundamental and use-inspired research in each of the 6 departments in the College of Science at Northeastern University.

The COS Postdoctoral Research Program is personalized for each postdoctoral researcher’s needs and aspirations. In addition to rich research experiences with our faculty members, our postdocs have comprehensive professional development support for a variety of career paths.

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Science Fellows Program

The Northeastern Science Fellows Program offers exceptional junior scientists the opportunity to develop independent research programs, as an alternative to traditional postdoctoral training. 

The Fellows Program thus provides a powerful pathway to an independent faculty career. Newly qualified PhD recipients with an outstanding track record of high-impact research, and with ideas and potential for an independent research program will be considered. Candidates may have a history of successful fellowship funding.

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Landmark study into the genetic disorder offers clues into links between metabolism and mental health