Marine Science Center

The Marine Science Center is part of the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences. Often simply referred to as the MSC, the center is the marine research and educational facility of Northeastern University. Located on the peninsula at historic East Point in Nahant, Massachusetts, the MSC juts into the ocean just five miles north-northeast of the entrance to Boston Harbor.

Offering a pristine New England rocky shore habitat in close proximity to Boston, the MSC is a globally recognized center of marine science research and education.


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Researchers inhibit transmission of disease affecting tropical corals

Recent PhD graduate Rebecca Certner and her advisor, Steve Vollmer, are contributing to the emerging field of quorum sensing as mechanism for coral disease development.

Three Seas student studies large-scale geographic trends in consumption pressure

Jon Rodemann's research shows that predatory rates of fish close to shore are higher at low latitudes on the US east coast due to more species interactions.

Assessing oyster reef restoration’s longer-term impact on ecosystem services

The Grabowski Lab and colleagues returned to a restored oyster reef 13 years later to assess how the restoration has affected fish and crustacean communities on the reef.


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