Aerial view of the Marine Science Center. Photo by Benjamin Bertsch/Northeastern University
Students in Northeastern's Three Seas program go for a dive at the Marine Science Center. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University
Laura Goetz S'18 Works works in professor William Detrich's lab at the Marine Science Center. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Marine Science Center

The Marine Science Center is part of the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences. Often simply referred to as the MSC, the center is the marine research and educational facility of Northeastern University. Located on the peninsula at historic East Point in Nahant, Massachusetts, the MSC juts into the ocean just five miles north-northeast of the entrance to Boston Harbor.

More About MSC Research

arctic post - environmental science and policy degree
Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology
We use a combination of field and laboratory techniques to better understand the novel adaptations of living organisms and the evolutionary pressures that have lead to the vast diversity of life on earth.
Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
We employ state-of-the-art technology and diverse scientific perspectives to document how the oceans, as well as the organisms that inhabit them, have changed (and continue to change) through time.
Fisheries and Ecosystem Service Valuation
We employ observational and experimental methods in the field and lab to evaluate the productivity of fisheries and ecosystem services and develop best practices to support our continued use of natural resources.
Coastal Marine Ecology
We employ classic field ecology methods in conjunction with innovative laboratory manipulations and genetic tools to document species interactions, productivity, energy flow and biodiversity in coastal marine ecosystems.
Coral Reef Ecology
We use field and laboratory techniques that employ cutting-edge technology to better understand the complex relationships between corals and the diverse communities that they support.

MES and MSC News

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