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Marine Science Center

The Marine Science Center is part of the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences. Often simply referred to as the MSC, the center is the marine research and educational facility of Northeastern University. Located on the peninsula at historic East Point in Nahant, Massachusetts, the MSC juts into the ocean just five miles north-northeast of the entrance to Boston Harbor.

Offering a pristine New England rocky shore habitat in close proximity to Boston, the MSC is a globally recognized center of marine science research and education.


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Example of the type of small autonomous underwater vehicle that will be used for this project. Image courtesy of Bonaire 2008: Exploring Coral Reef Sustainability with New Technologies.

NOAA Funds MSC Exploration of Ancient Marine Forest

A team of researchers from the MSC has received a grant from the NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research division to explore the remains of an ancient and now-submerged forest, in…
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A wave hits a seawall in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Photo credit: Northeastern University/Carole McCauley

Seawalls as Stepping Stones

A recent paper co-authored by MSC researcher Francis Choi and Professor Brian Helmuth is the result of an ongoing collaboration with colleagues in China, and explores the combined impacts of…
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In this April 23, 2016, photo David Goethel sorts cod and haddock while fishing aboard his trawler off the coast of New Hampshire. To Goethe, cod represents his identity, his ticket to middle class life, and his link to one the country's most historic industries, a fisherman who has caught New England's most recognized fish for more than 30 years. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

The Gulf of Maine Cod Fishery Is in Rough Shape. The Fishermen Aren’t Doing Much Better.

Communities affected by contested disasters tend to recover more slowly than those hit by natural disasters.
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