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Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

Marine Science Center

With the oceans changing at a rapid rate, the need to better understand and document these changes has never been greater.

We employ state-of-the-art technology and diverse scientific perspectives to document how the oceans, as well as the organisms that inhabit them, have changed (and continue to change) through time. We also approach understanding these relationships through laboratory and field experiments. These historical and experimental approaches to assessing the relationship between oceanic change and the health of marine organisms allow us to generate informed predictions of how future changes in the oceans will impact marine life.

These approaches to predicting the impacts of future oceanic change are complemented by real-time, long-term climatic and oceanic data sets that we are obtaining with innovative, multi-scale sensors, some of which record temperature, pH and other biologically relevant data within and around coastal organisms already experiencing the impact of our changing oceans. These observations of past and present oceanic change, combined with our predictions of the impacts of future oceanic change, provide decision makers and legislators with sound, scientific information that can be used to help mitigate the consequences of future climatic and oceanic change.

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