Samuel Muñoz

Samuel Muñoz

Associate Professor


  • Sedimentary Records Of Environmental Change, Paleoclimate And Climate Change, Rivers And Fluvial Processes, Natural Hazards And Hydroclimatic Extremes, Coupled Human-natural Systems

About Samuel Muñoz

Research in my lab focuses on understanding hydrological extremes and their connections to the natural and built environment. We are interested in the influence of climate variability, greenhouse warming, urbanization, and land use on flood risk. We are also interested in how floods and climate-related disasters shape landscapes and the inhabitants of those landscapes.

Extreme events occur infrequently, so our research draws on historical and geological perspectives to better evaluate the causes and consequences of storms and floods. Our projects typically use sedimentary records to reconstruct environmental changes over hundreds to thousands of years. We combine these geological records with instrumental, historical, and archaeological datasets to inform a variety of computational approaches, including statistical and earth system models.


Mailing Address:

1 MSC (Marine Science Center), Nahant, MA 01908
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Earth Surface Systems Lab
Marine and Environmental Sciences

The lab studies hydrologic and climatic variability and its connections to the natural and built environment. They are interested in how floods, droughts, and other climate-related hazards shape landscapes and societies across the land-sea interface.



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