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Dispatches from an Antarctic co-op: When we don’t work

About Me My name is Jake Grondin. I’m a rising junior in the College of Science, majoring in Biology, with minors in Physics and Math. I am one of two co-ops currently residing at Palmer Station, Antarctica working in Professor Bill Detrich’s lab. In this blog I am sharing my experiences on this incredible continent, and […]

Using drones to model climate survivors in Downeast Maine

Anyone who has spent a day at a New England beach knows that it is often colder on the coast, and may have regretted not packing a sweater with their bathing suit and flip flops. Compared to the chilly air, the water can be even colder still, sometimes shockingly so. Like a beachgoer jumping in […]

Dispatches from an Antarctic co-op: Station Living

A new update from Jake Grondin, a current co-op in the Detrich lab at Palmer Station in Antarctica, detailing life at Palmer Station.

Dispatches from an Antarctic co-op: The Journey South

The first of a series of updates from Jake Grondin, a co-op in Antarctica. Jake reports on his voyage and arrival at Palmer Station.
Jerome Hajjar speaking with flowers and a screen behind him.

“There is enough wind energy capacity off the East Coast to power the entire country”

While countries in Northern Europe have been using wind energy for more than two decades, the United States hasn’t invested much in the technology. But that’s all starting to change. “This is an industry that is about to explode,” said Jerome Hajjar, an expert on infrastructure design and professor of engineering at Northeastern.
A look at the Marine Science Center from a drone.

How to explain to scientists how to explain science

An important job for scientists is explaining their work to a general audience, but this is no easy feat in a society where the average citizen knows very little about scientific concepts. Equipping scientists with the tools to effectively communicate their work to diverse audiences was the goal of a conference hosted by Northeastern.

PhD Profile: Ashley Cryan

Ashley Cryan, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology PhD candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to work and study at Northeastern University.

Northeastern divers combed Cozumel’s coral species

A massive Nassau grouper, four species of black corals, and a spotted drum fish were among the aquatic treasures Northeastern divers found on their expedition to Cozumel, Mexico. The trip laid the groundwork for Northeastern students and researchers to plan future expeditions to Cozumel to collect samples for the Ocean Genome Legacy, a repository built to preserve species that may one day go extinct.

Muckenhoupt scholarship winners continue pursuits in environmental sustainability

For fifth-year Julia Renner and fourth-year Minerva Teli, interests in environmental sustainability just scratch the surface of their career-driven passions. Renner and Teli are the 2018 recipients of the Dr. Carl F. Muckenhoupt Scholarship, an award for students who plan to use their scientific background to "benefit the environment of the earth and the life upon it."