MSC Outreach

We strive to share the innovative research and unique environments of the Marine Science Center directly with students and communities by welcoming visitors from around the world for special events and programs and sharing online STEM resources and research news. Visitors to our Nahant, Massachusetts campus range from gradeschoolers who are learning about the ocean’s habitats, to university-level researchers who are working on a field study.

Outreach at the Marine Science Center revolves around community interaction both with us coming to you, and you coming to visit us. Our Educator Resource Portal provides online resources for augmenting on-site field trips or for use asynchronously in virtual classrooms. Our programs include the High School Marine Science Symposium, the Coastal Ocean Science Academy, visiting Lynn public schools, and much more. 

Schools and groups can schedule field trips to the MSC and become involved in many of our activities throughout the year.

A young girl working in a tidepool in Nahant.

Get Involved

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Boston Harbor Ecosystem Network
The Boston Harbor Ecosystem Network is comprised of individuals and organizations with interest in protecting, restoring, and educating the public about estuarine resources within the Metro Boston region the MassBays National Estuary Progr...
visiting students at the MSC near the water
Coastal Ocean Science Academy
The Coastal Ocean Science Academy (COSA) is a marine science summer day program that aims to introduce and connect young people to local marine and coastal habitats and the factors that shape them.
young students making art in the classroom
MSC in your classroom
Northeastern’s Marine Science Center Outreach Program staff are available to deliver in-class programs in the following communities: Nahant, Lynn, Revere, Swampscott, and Marblehead.
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Visiting Researchers and University Groups
The MSC is happy to share our grounds with visiting college-level groups and visiting researchers.
Beach sisters
The Beach Sisters program helps to pave the way for school-aged girls living in an underserved, environmental justice community to develop scientific inquiry and citizenship skills, and to learn about academic and career opportunities in m...
Scenes during the 2019 Annual Boston High School Marine Science Symposium held in the Curry Student Center on March 7, 2019. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University
High School Marine Science Symposium
Hosted by The Massachusetts Marine Educators since 1984, and the Northeastern University Marine Science Center since 2013, these events attract hundreds of high schoolers and their teachers to come together and learn about marine science t...
young children sit at desks, dressed in lab gear
School Partnerships
In collaboration with other organizations, the MSC Outreach Program has been working with the Johnson Elementary School and Lynn Public Schools to implement marine science activities at every grade level
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Learn more about research
Read more about the research done by students and faculty at the MSC.