MSC Outreach

We strive to share the innovative research and unique environments of the Marine Science Center directly with students and communities by welcoming visitors from around the world for special events and programs and sharing online STEM resources and research news. Visitors to our Nahant, Massachusetts campus range from gradeschoolers who are learning about the ocean’s habitats, to university-level researchers who are working on a field study.

Outreach at the Marine Science Center revolves around community interaction both with us coming to you, and you coming to visit us. Our Educator Resource Portal provides online resources for augmenting on-site field trips or for use asynchronously in virtual classrooms.Our programs include the High School Marine Science Symposium, the Coastal Ocean Science Academy, visiting Lynn public schools, and much more. 

Schools and groups can schedule field trips to the MSC and become involved in many of our activities throughout the year.

A young girl working in a tidepool in Nahant.