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Nahant Public Schools


Since 2015, in collaboration with the Nahant Education Foundation, the Marine Science Center Outreach Program has been working with the Johnson Elementary School in Nahant to develop and implement marine science activities at every grade level. This happens via three interactions each year between the Marine Science Center Outreach Program and every class from PreK through Grade 6.


Place-based programs include classroom and field-based exploration of local coastal habitats. Each grade level explores a different theme such as Habitats and Human Impacts for Kindergarten, Marine adaptations for Grade 3, and Nahant Geology: Rock Dating and Fossils for Grade 6. All programming is designed with feedback from Johnson School staff and is tailored to complement the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards.

In 2017, the Johnson Elementary School was honored with a New England Aquarium Ocean Stewardship Award for excellence in marine science and sustainability programming and projects.

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