Robert Painter

Robert Painter

Associate Teaching Professor


  • Field Methods, Historical Linguistics, Literary Translation, Morphology, Phonetics And Phonology

About Robert Painter

I was trained in phonetics and historical linguistics at the University at Buffalo, but at Northeastern, I’m what you would call a General Linguist, teaching courses in everything from Morphology to Sociolinguistics. As an undergraduate, I studied Greek and Latin at Colby College in Maine, and then earned a Masters in Latin Literature at St Andrews University in Scotland, so I’ve got a deep interest in classical languages, too. For a long time I wanted to be a Latin professor, and my first job with a PhD was teaching Latin and German and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as an assistant professor at a small college in Buffalo, New York. I still love exploring “older” languages like Etruscan, Old English, and Old Icelandic. My book, ‘Faroe-Islander Saga: A New English Translation’, a translation of a 13th century saga written in Old Icelandic, was published by MacFarland Press in 2015. I tend to love just about everything tied to languages: linguistics, writing systems, archaeology, and travel. For the Linguistics Program at Northeastern, I have developed a Dialogue of Civilizations to the Western Isles of Scotland on language endangerment and linguistic fieldwork on Scottish Gaelic.


Painter, Robert. (2016). Faroe-Islander Saga: A new English translation. McFarland Press.


Book Chapters
Poornima, Shakthi & Robert Painter. (2010). Diverging Pathways: The current status of
grammaticalization of Hindi light verbs. Annual Review of South Languages and
Linguistics. Vol.211:75-104. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


Journal Articles
Painter, Robert. (2017a). Three Excerpts from Wladimir Kaminer’s ‘Russendisko’.
Metamorphoses: Journal of Literary Translation [peer-reviewed], Spring 2017.

Painter, Robert. (2017b). Grettir’s Saga, Chapter 47, and Translator’s Note.
Metamorphoses: Journal of Literary Translation [peer-reviewed], Fall 2017.

Painter, Robert. (2015). Faroe-Islander Saga, Chapter 7. Metamorphoses: Journal of Literary Translation, pp 41-44, [peer-reviewed], Spring 2015.

Painter, Robert and Jeruen Dery. (2014). An acoustic investigation of R-Umlaut in Old Norse. Journal of Germanic Linguistics, 26.2: 156-181, [peer-reviewed], June 2014.

Painter, Robert. (2014). Rats sleep at night. Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, [peer-reviewed], online, Spring 2014.


Mailing Address:

545 Nightingale Hall, Boston, MA 02115

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