Northeastern University co-op students Madison McDougall and Yueting Lu in Cambodia

Northeastern students mentoring young women in Cambodia

Northeastern students building relationships and skills while mentoring young women in Cambodia

Leading a women’s college dormitory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, may not be the typical place you’d find a third-year neuroscience and pre-med student like Northeastern’s Yueting Lu.

“The more traditional track is typically doing research for a co-op and maybe doing clinical for another co-op,” Lu said.

But Lu “wouldn’t trade (her experience) for the world.”

“I think it’s been such an interesting opportunity for me to experience a different culture, for me to meet so many incredible people who are working in a lot of those spaces I care about, like health and development,” Lu said. “It’s different from my peers but I’m glad I can have this experience.”

Lu’s colleague, Northeastern student Madison McDougall, also differentiated her experience in the dorm from her friends’ co-ops.

“I think that this job doesn’t focus on a single Excel spreadsheet is the biggest difference in my mind,” said McDougall, who is studying international affairs and environmental studies.

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