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First-of-its-kind nanosensor could help diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease

Every movement in the human body—from lifting our arms to our beating hearts—is regulated in some way by signals from our brains. Until recently, scientists often tracked and understood that brain-body communication only after the fact, sort of like listening to a voicemail as opposed to being on a call. But researchers at Northeastern have […]
April 16, 2021
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Student Profile: Kayla Mathiowetz, Chemistry Major

Kayla Mathiowetz is a Chemistry Major on the Premed track. She is graduating this Spring in the Class of 2021. Why did you choose to study Chemistry at Northeastern? My dad works as a chemist at Pfizer, so I have been exposed to the field of Chemistry since I was a child and I was […]
March 03, 2021

College of Science Connects: Research at the Frontier of Bioanalytical Chemistry

Listen to Hazel Sive, Dean of the College of Science, as she talks to Leila Deravi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology for the Barnett Institute for Chemical & Biological Analysis.
February 23, 2021