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Finding the Needle in the Data Stack: Advice from a Facebook Data Scientist

During her time at Northeastern, Delia Mocanu developed a passion for network science. Now at Facebook, she finds herself working on one of the largest data experiments in history — the News Feed.
August 05, 2020

Scientists Are Baffled by This Magnet. Shooting It With Lasers Might Help.

Faster electronics, better communication devices, more efficient ways to store data are just some of the outcomes that the researchers can think of - if magnetite’s puzzle of hidden powers could be figured out. Eventually, it lead to new ways to manipulate materials and improving electronics by harnessing the behavior of their electrons.
August 05, 2020

Both Insulator and Conductor, This Material Will Help Revolutionize Quantum Computing

Quantum computers represent an incredible leap in computing, but it's still in its infancy. Harnessing the power of spintronics, Professor Don Heiman is creating special materials to help make these computers more efficient, more accurate, and help usher them into the mainstream.
August 05, 2020

150 Years of Science in a Cosmic Web of Paper Trails

An analysis of Nature’s database by Barabási’s team reveals that interdisciplinarity has been increasing in science overall for the past 110 years. No longer are the scientific disciplines being siloed off from each other.
August 05, 2020