Northeastern’s Department of Physics is spearheading the discovery of revolutionary phenomena in quantum materials

At the intersection of quantum materials and revolutionary technological applications, two Northeastern community members’ latest contribution to "Science" unveils the phenomenon of a new type of nonlinear Hall effect—a discovery with tantalizing implications for our future. Postdoctoral Research Associate Barun Ghosh and University Distinguished Professor Arun Bansil of Northeastern's Department of Physics were recently published in this widely respected and reputable academic journal for their research article, “Quantum metric nonlinear…
September 06, 2023

Network Science Institute expansion to London creates new European hub for trail blazing academic field

Northeastern University has expanded its world leading Network Science Institute to the university’s campus in London in a move that will establish a new European hub in the fast-growing research field of network science. As part of the expansion, the university has recruited a team of researchers to join its faculty in the United Kingdom. […]
July 27, 2023