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COS honors graduate students with awards

Dean Kenneth W. Henderson awarded five graduate students with this year’s College of Science Dean’s Awards for Graduate Student Excellence

Latika Menon, the Meditating Physicist

Latika Menon, associate professor of physics at Northeastern, has accomplished a lot in her career so far. However, Menon says that all of these achievements would not have been possible were it not for another, even greater achievement: finding clarity through breathing and meditation.

Scientists decode what makes a New York Times bestseller

Northeastern network scientist Albert-László Barabási and his colleagues have developed a model that harnesses the power of early sales data to predict how many total copies a book will sell. Their analysis uncovers a sales pattern that is common to all books and offers insight on what it takes to make the Times’ bestseller list.

What if superconductors could work at room temperature?

In a paper published recently in Communications Physics, a Nature publication, Bansil and his colleagues describe a discovery that brings us closer to that elusive feat—what he described as the “holy grail” of the field. For the first time, researchers were able to model the behavior of electrons, which are responsible for superconductors’ ability to conduct electricity.
Amin Abou Ibrahim

PhD Profile: Amin Abou Ibrahim

Amin Abou Ibrahim, Physics PhD candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to work and study at Northeastern University.
Ju Qiao is holding a pipette while flanked by Sri Sridhar and Liam Timms in a darkened lab.

Professor on a mission to create crystal-clear images of the human brain

An intricate network of vessels pumps blood and oxygen through our brains, fueling our ability to think, feel, and function. What if doctors could learn more about this network by seeing it in brightly illuminated, crystal-clear detail?

Physics research investigates the ribosome’s many movements

Physics Professor Paul Whitford's research on the function and movements of the ribosome focuses on many directions and has been published in several papers in the past two years.