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Jung and Kar’s $200K NSF Grant Could Commercialize Low-Cost Radiation Detectors

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Professor Yung Joon Jung, along with co-principal investigator Associate Professor Swastik Kar of the Department of Physics, has been awarded a $200K grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for an interdisciplinary research project that uses nanotechnology to create highly sensitive and marketable detectors of radioactivity and nuclear radiation.
Fall Foliage at Northeastern

Understanding brittle crack behaviors to design stronger materials

In a paper published in Nature Physics, Northeastern University Department of Physics Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Alain Karma, in collaboration with his postdoctoral research associate Chih-Hung Chen and Professor Eran Bouchbinder of the Weizmann Institute of Science's Chemical Physics Department, discovered the mechanism that causes cracks to behave strangely when they spread very rapidly in brittle materials.

Watch-Safely!-The Solar Eclipse from Centennial Common

Not in the path of totality? Not (a total) problem. On Monday the U.S. will see its first solar eclipse since 1979 and the first to sweep the country in 99 years. With the eclipse expected to reach about 60 percent in Boston—still pretty awesome—the Department of Physics will host a viewing event on Centennial […]

Physics Discovery Unlocks Ingredients of 2-D Sandwich

Everything that exists in the digital world—photos, tweets, online courses, this article—is stored as 1’s and 0’s. At the software level, this information is written as computer code. At the hardware level, that code is brought to life by billions of transistors turning on (1) and off (0).

Professor Meni Wanunu Awarded Three-Year NSF/DMR-BSF Award

Prof. Wanunu and a collaborator at LLNL (Prof Aleksandr Noy) were awarded a 3 year NSF/DMR-BSF award along with a collaborator in Israel. The project title is “Understanding transport in biomimetic carbon nanotube porin membranes for water treatment and osmotic energy harvesting”, and the US team will receive $510,000.

The Thrill of Scientific Discovery

Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel laureate and Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern, loves bacteria. As he puts it, “I find humans too complicated.” There is however, an important connection between humans and bacteria, he said: we couldn’t survive without them. Roberts, a globally recognized leader in genomics and molecular biology, studies the mechanisms by which bacteria […]