Embracing the Future: Sacha Sergent’s Commencement Address and Journey with the Northeastern College of Science Class of 2024

Commencement is nearing for the Northeastern College of Science undergraduate class of 2024! This year, at the College of Science graduation, Sacha Sergent will be speaking to her fellow graduates and leaving them with a final hoorah. To get in the excitement of commencement, I interviewed Sacha to learn about her time at Northeastern and […]
May 03, 2024

Student Club Spotlight: Community Palette

Looking for a creative way to give back?  Community Palette is a new club on campus that aims to serve individuals in underprivileged, clinical, and community settings in Boston through creative and visual arts initiatives. To learn more about this organization, I interviewed the founder and president, Seher Abbasi.  Can you tell me a bit […]
February 20, 2024

A research internship at a global pharmaceutical changed this former college basketball player’s career

In 2022, Sade Iriah was pursuing a doctorate in neuroscience at Northeastern University when she seized the opportunity to embed herself in industry research at Takeda Pharmaceutical, a Japanese multinational biopharmaceutical company. Iriah worked with the imaging team at Takeda and says the experience was “amazing.” “They really allowed me to be involved with the […]
January 03, 2024

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