2018-03-04 09.17.01

Stakeholders Convene to Promote Coastal Resilience in Nahant

In February, stakeholders from across the town of Nahant including residents, municipal officials, and Marine Science Center researchers convened to discuss Nahant’s vulnerabilities to the threats associated with climate change. The discussion focused on potential threats facing the town such as flooding and coastal erosion, but also highlighted opportunities such as intellectual capacity and scientific expertise, community involvement, and the grit to persevere together towards solutions.  

In 2018, the town received a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant, which provided the resources to convene this workshop. Next, the committee chairs will compile the ideas generated at the workshop into a summary report, which will be available to the public. The report will allow the town to apply to be a designated MPV community, a designation that will make Nahant eligible for future grant funding to protect assets and build climate resilience.


Marine and Environmental Sciences