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Max Bi

Max Bi

Assistant Professor

Mailing Address:

1300 - 177 (177 Huntington Ave.), Boston, MA 02115


  • Theoretical soft condensed matter physics and biophysics

I am interested in understanding collective and emergent behavior in out-of-equilibrium and disordered systems. My research employs methods in theoretical and computation condensed matter physics and applies to a wide range of biological and non-biological systems.

Working in close collaboration with experimentalists, the group focuses on the following problems in cell and tissue mechanics:

  • Mechnosensing and Mechanotransduction during collective cell migration.
  • Biomechanical models for morphogenesis and embryogenesis.
  • Understanding the relationship between cell shapes and tissue-level mechanical response.
  • Understanding the relationship between cell stiffness and tissue rigidity in primary tumors.
  • Pattern formation and collective behavior in epithelial wound closure.
  • How mechanical cues affect the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

In soft condensed matter physics, the group focuses on:

  • Designing bio-inspired amorphous metamaterials with special photonic and sonic properties.
  • Non-linear rheology of dense active suspensions.
  • Origin of force chains in frictional granular matter.

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