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Carolyn Lee-Parsons

Carolyn Lee-Parsons


  • biochemical engineering, biofuels, metabolic engineering, microalgae, plant cell and tissue culture, plant natural products, plant specialized metabolism

About Carolyn Lee-Parsons

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
Dissertation:  “The Enhancement of the Productivity of Ajmalicine from Immobilized Catharanthus roseus Cell Cultures,”
Advisor:  Prof. Michael L. Shuler

B.S., Summa cum laude, Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas



Mailing Address:

332A MU (Mugar Life Sciences Building), Boston, MA 02111
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Lee-Parsons Research Laboratory Website
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

This research group is applying metabolic engineering principles and methodologies to improve the production of important compounds, i.e. critical plant-derived pharmaceuticals or biofuels, from plant cell & tissue cultures and microalgae cultures.


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