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Neel S. Joshi

Neel S. Joshi

Associate Professor

Office Address:

202 Hurtig Hall


  • bioconjugation chemistry, biomaterials, microbial engineering, synthetic biology

Research in the Joshi lab broadly deals with topics related to biologically inspired materials, protein engineering, self-assembly, and biointerfaces. The group generally works at the intersection of biomaterials science and synthetic biology. A major focus of the group’s research is on Engineered Living Materials, especially in genetically programming microbial cells to secrete and direct the assembly of biopolymeric matrices. In some cases, the living cells continue to imbue the material with bio-inspired capabilities after fabrication, like self-0regeneration, self-healing, and environmental responsiveness. Current projects in the lab aim to develop materials made from new cellular/biopolymeric combinations through protein and metabolic engineering. To date, we have investigated the use of these living materials systems in the context of gut therapeutics, bioremediation and resource extraction, and bioplastics, though we are always on the lookout for new applications targets.

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