Celebrating our COS 2023 TIER1 Awardees

Twenty-one interdisciplinary teams have been selected to receive 2023 TIER 1 Awards, three of which were Mentored Awards. Their 54 members represent eight Schools and Colleges, Roux Institute, and the New College of the Humanities. Of these, 11 are faculty members of the College of Science.  

The TIER 1 Seed Grant/Proof of Concept Program awards are supported by the colleges and the Senior Vice Provost for Research. This competitive program makes grants of up to $50,000 to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams to develop new and innovative research directions. An explicit strategy for securing external funding must be outlined in the TIER 1 proposal. A total of 54 proposals were submitted this year and evaluated through a two-stage review process.  

Since the program’s inception in FY12, TIER 1 teams have reported that their awards have led to more than 480 publications and over $93 million in follow-on funding (on an investment of $10.8M), a 756% return on investment. We invite you to join the teams in January, when they present their midyear reports and a glimpse of the exciting things to come from this year’s awards.  

Please join us in congratulating the following COS faculty members on their achievement!  

Compact, Power-Efficient Quantum Sensors  

Paul Stevenson (Physics)  

Strong, tough, durable, and degradable bio-fabricated materials  

Neel Joshi (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)  

New mathematical techniques for pseudorandomness and group products  

Harm Derksen (Mathematics)  

A Versatile Sensing Platform for Bioassays – COVID Testing  

Jared Auclair (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)  

In-depth chemical analysis and exposure assessment of crumb rubber in artificial turf  

Zhenyu Tian (Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Marine and Environmental Sciences), Loretta Fernandez (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Marine and Environmental Sciences)  

Tunable Single Photon Sources for Quantum Communications  

Paul Stevenson (Physics)  

Establishing Project 8 at Northeastern: Innovative research combining public and private datasets to address SDGs  

Aron Stubbins (Marine and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Civil and Environmental Engineering)  

Toward Building Machine Learning Models that Learn Visual Concepts Like Humans  

MiYoung Kwon (Psychology)  

Mentored Award: Computational Phenotyping of Psychopathology in Extended Reality: A Proof-of-Concept Study  

Ajay Satpute (Psychology)  

Strategy For Broad Spectrum Corona Virus Treatment  

Jeff Agar (Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Pharmaceutical Science), Roman Manetsch (Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Pharmaceutical Science) 

Find the full list of Northeastern recipients here.

Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Marine and Environmental Sciences