Jeffrey Agar

Jeffrey Agar

Associate Dean of Professional Programs and Lifelong Learning and Associate Professor

About Jeffrey Agar

The Agar group characterizes post-translational modifications of proteins and changes in protein, peptide, and lipid expression that occur during ALS, and then determines which of these changes have structural or toxic consequences. We use a variety of techniques but are best known for our contibutions to top-down mass spectrometry development. We are now developing a potential drug for ALS based upon these studies.

Prof. Agar is a joint appointment between the College of Science and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences.


Mailing Address:

412 TF (The Fenway), Boston, MA 02111
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Center for Drug Discovery
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Center for Drug Discovery is dedicated to the discovery of novel medications and the development of approaches and technologies aimed at improving the discovery of new therapeutic drugs. Faculty include: Raymond Booth, Sergiy Tyukhtenko and Jeff Agar


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