John Engen

John Engen

Distinguished Professor and James L. Waters Chair in Analytical Chemistry


  • Bioanalytical Chemistry And Mass Spectrometry

About John Engen

Current research projects in his laboratory include (1) investigations of kinase conformation to understand regulation and aberrant signaling in various disease states including cancer, (2) analysis of the conformation of viral accessory proteins from HIV, (3) studies of protein conformation at biological membranes, and (4) optimization and methods development in hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry.


Mailing Address:

412 TF (The Fenway), Boston, MA 02115
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Engen Lab
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Engen Lab uses hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry (HX MS) as our core technology to probe protein conformation, conformational changes, dynamics, protein folding and the effects of binding.



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