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The Universe Speaks in Numbers

Renowned physicist and writer, Graham Farmelo. Dr. Farmelo will lead a discussion with one of the world’s leading theoreticians Nima Arkani-Hamed, exploring the relationship between mathematics and fundamental physics and helping us understand “Nature from Newton to the string theory and beyond.” The event will include a book signing.

The Barry L. Karger Medal

Northeastern University’s Barnett Institute is hosting the 2019 Barry L. Karger Medal and Lectures on November 21 and 22. This year’s distinguished lecturer is Dr. Pauline Rudd, Emeritus Fellow the Conway Institute and Visiting Investigator at the Bioprocessing Technology Institute, AStar, Singapore. The schedule is as follows: Thursday, November 21 – Raytheon Amphitheater 3:30 PM Reception with refreshments 4:00 PM Award and Public Lecture Title: Advances in Glycomics and its…

Bolstering the Security and Resilience of the Global Supply System

During this lecture, Dr. Stephen Flynn will be discussing the evolution of the Global Supply System and the security threats it might face. Dr. Flynn will be sharing his views on how the risk can be mitigated through a transformative approach to border and cargo security that helps make the supply system more resilient towards future threats.