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Infrastructure Resilience: Planning for Future Extreme Events

Dr. Sarah Dunn from the Department of Structural Engineering, Newcastle University, in the United Kingdom, will be presenting her work entitled “Infrastructure Resilience: Planning for Future Extreme Events.” o Dr. Dunn's research focuses on the development of techniques and models that can be employed to increase the resilience of infrastructure systems, and thereby decrease the damaging social and economic impacts in the event of an extreme hazard. In this seminar,…

Salamander Models in Cross-Disciplinary Biological Research

This summit aims to bring together researchers at all levels that are actively engaged in using salamander models or researchers looking to get into salamander models. The program includes both senior and junior investigators to share resources, ideas, and future project plans.

Life Science Mixer

Come join us in a relaxing night of food, fun and great company. It will be a evening of socializing with the Northeastern community and your life sciences peers in the Bay Area. This is a perfect opportunity to expand your own professional network in the Bay Area region. Whether you are just getting started with your career, a seasoned industry professional or an entrepreneur, this mixer offers the perfect…