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Katie Hoemann, a PhD student in Lisa Feldman Barrett's lab, was recently awarded Marie Curie Fellowship to support her work in linguistics and psychology. She's currently studying at the cross-section of culture and language, which includes research on individual and cultural differences in the emotional experience of Dutch vs. English, as well as "open-vocabulary" approaches to natural language processing.

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Global Population, Climate, and Technology Are Changing Human Health. Here’s What We Can Do About It.

“We see how much the world is changing,” Northeastern student and Rhodes Scholar Kritika Singh told an audience of students, researchers, clinicians, and industry experts on Friday. “People, planet, and technology need to change along with it in order to have a healthier and safer world.”

A Close-up Look at the Mysterious Plague Sweeping Through Caribbean Reefs

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Northeastern students are surveying a coral reef off the coast of Panama for signs of stony coral tissue loss disease, which threatens twenty species that comprise the heart of the Caribbean’s coral reefs.

Northeastern Partners With Entrepreneur David Roux To Launch The Roux Institute At Northeastern In Portland, Maine

The institute, scheduled to open in the spring, is designed to educate generations of talent for the digital and life sciences sectors, and drive sustained economic growth in Portland, the state of Maine, and northern New England. “The Roux Institute represents a significant expansion of our model,” said Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern.