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The Secret to Making Stuff Better? Shoot it With a Laser.

Northeastern physicist Gregory Fiete, left, and his doctoral student Michael Vogl have taken the first step in developing the next generation of electronics.

The Trouble with Flood Defenses in the Midwest

Communities that have seen little rain are getting hit by historic flooding along the Arkansas River thanks to downpours upstream.

‘Hear Me Out; I’m Dreaming Big’

Bouchra Benghomari plans to pursue both a medical degree and a doctorate, and eventually serve as an advisor to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

She’s Giving Boston Residents a Taste of the Great Outdoors

Michelle Mouw, the chief operating officer of Mass Hike, says that she joined the organization because she believes in the restorative and healing effects of nature.

What do you get a World-Renowned Physicist for his Birthday?

Pran Nath, who was hired at Northeastern in 1966, has spent his career trying to uncover the laws of physics that govern our universe.

Making the Leap from Video Games to a Psychology Lab

Ruiming Wang designed a fictional island where exercise and the outdoors convene in order to study how people perform on tasks that they encounter while inside the world.