Why kids hold the key to herd immunity

To win the battle against the pandemic, kids will be vital. The fight against COVID-19 has long been focused on adults – particularly older adults. But kids are becoming a more prominent part of the conversation. We likely won’t see an end to the pandemic, experts say, until children can get vaccinated. On Wednesday, Pfizer […]
April 01, 2021

Northeastern’s COVID-19 test lab now processes pool tests for K-12 schools

Northeastern’s Life Sciences Testing Center is now processing COVID-19 samples for K-12 schools across Massachusetts. As the commonwealth strives to bring students of all ages back into the physical classroom safely this spring, Massachusetts has launched a coronavirus testing program in public K-12 and special education schools. It’s the first statewide program like this in […]
April 01, 2021

What’s happening in your brain when you’re spacing out?

We all do it. One second you’re fully focused on the task in front of you, a conversation with a friend, or a professor’s lecture, and the next second your mind is wandering to your dinner plans. But how does that happen? “We spend so much of our daily lives engaged in things that are […]
March 23, 2021

Student Profile: Cameron Clark, Linguistics Major

Cameron Clark is a Linguistics Major graduating next Spring in the class of 2022. Why did you choose to study Linguistics at Northeastern? “When I was in middle school and high school, I took Latin classes and my teachers were amazing. My first Latin teacher was very fun and would come to class prepared to […]
March 15, 2021
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Understanding Networks: The power to predict pandemics, information spread, and quantum gravity

Dr. Krioukov’s lab recently published two papers in the field of network science. These papers show that (1) the geometry of networks can be elucidated by understanding the network’s latent properties and (2) For networks living in latent space, finding their geometry is possible using a previously known standard called Ollivier Curvature.
March 10, 2021

Why Don’t Drugs Work As Well For Women? They’re Tested On Male Mice

After decades of research, scientists have developed countless therapeutics to improve human health. But they’ve also created a problem. Many of these drugs don’t work as well for half of the population—that is, the female half. Women are also more often misdiagnosed for a variety of ailments, including stroke and ADHD. The root of this […]
March 09, 2021

Understanding Plastic in Our Oceans: Using Technology to Collect and Quantify Microplastics in Marine Environments

Northeastern Alumnus, Ethan Edson, and Professor Mark Patterson continue their longstanding collaboration to advance our understanding of microplastics in marine environments. While Edson’s company, Ocean Diagnostics, develops cutting edge technology and services to enable both scientists and citizens to collect and analyze microplastics pollution data more efficiently and accurately, Patterson and his team have been tasked to beta test these new tools. This partnership is working towards gathering baseline measurements…
March 08, 2021

Recipients of the College of Science Excellence in Teaching Award 2021

The College of Science Excellence in Teaching Awards recognize and reward outstanding NU College of Science faculty for their significant contributions to student learning. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners. Prof. Jude Mathews, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Prof. Mathews was recognized for consistently exceptional teaching performance, extraordinary dedication […]
March 08, 2021
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Student Profile: Kayla Mathiowetz, Chemistry Major

Kayla Mathiowetz is a Chemistry Major on the Premed track. She is graduating this Spring in the Class of 2021. Why did you choose to study Chemistry at Northeastern? My dad works as a chemist at Pfizer, so I have been exposed to the field of Chemistry since I was a child and I was […]
March 03, 2021