Evan Prasky Debunks the Jaws-ome Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction on Shark Week

Evan Prasky is a marine and environmental sciences graduate student at Northeastern University. He studies the socio-ecological interactions between sharks in humans. His expertise is in shark depredation and how it affects the shark populations in the Gulf of Mexico. For shark week, we asked Evan to shed some light on some common beliefs about […]
July 25, 2023

BEACHES program participants meet at Northeastern’s Nahant campus to navigate their paths to graduate school and to science

The BEACHES program, hosted by Northeastern’s Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences, brought an incredible cohort of student researchers to the Nahant Campus last week for an immersive discussion about what their next steps will be.  BEACHES (Bridging Each Applicant’s Chances for Higher Ed Success) has been held for several years at Northeastern; after a COVID pause, the program resumed last June with a cohort of 9 students; this year, it…
July 11, 2023

Undergraduate heads into the lab (and the marsh) to protect our coastlines

Salt marshes, often overlooked, provide critical ecosystem services to coastal communities. They protect against damaging storm surge by attenuating waves, and they guard against algal blooms and oxygen depletion by intercepting watershed nitrogen before it can prompt eutrophication in coastal waters. In recent decades, numerous anthropogenic sources have increased nitrogen inputs to these salt marsh ecosystems. Yet, many of the effects of these nitrogen inputs on the carbon and nitrogen cycles,…
July 06, 2023

Diving in to Science Communication to Protect Our Ocean: Q&A with Alumna Sophia Troeh

Sophia Troeh, a recent graduate of Northeastern University’s Three Seas program, is dedicated to protecting our oceans and their ecosystems for future generations. Sophia was chosen for the prestigious 2023 Sea Grant Knauss fellowship, where and her work showcases the vital intersection of science and advocacy in safeguarding our marine resources. Her passion for science outreach and a commitment to environmental conservation were influenced by her time in the Three…
July 06, 2023