2024 College of Science Commencement Address by Dean Hazel Sive

Provost Madigan, Dr. Dunsire, honored graduates, honored guests, wonderful faculty and staff: Good day! I’m Hazel Sive, Dean of the College of Science here at Northeastern University. What a wonderful celebratory moment this is, the culmination of so much hard work with this well-deserved, important accolade. Warmest congratulations to each of you! Let’s have a […]
May 06, 2024

From friendships to co-ops and bedazzled boots, Rebecca Bamidele urges graduates to cherish their ‘Northeastern resumes’

After her introduction from Northeastern Chancellor Ken Henderson, Rebecca Bamidele, the university’s undergraduate student commencement speaker, strode up to the dais to a roar of sustained approval from the floor seats at Fenway Park. After a few waves of applause, the biology and political science graduate, whose closest friends call her “Reebs,” took a deep […]
May 05, 2024

Embracing the Future: Sacha Sergent’s Commencement Address and Journey with the Northeastern College of Science Class of 2024

Commencement is nearing for the Northeastern College of Science undergraduate class of 2024! This year, at the College of Science graduation, Sacha Sergent will be speaking to her fellow graduates and leaving them with a final hoorah. To get in the excitement of commencement, I interviewed Sacha to learn about her time at Northeastern and […]
May 03, 2024

Fix it, don’t toss it. Northeastern student promotes giving new life to broken objects with Zero Waste San Diego co-op

Nicole Lee, a second-year Northeastern University student, grew up enjoying the outdoors in beautiful Marin County, California, and binge-watching David Attenborough’s series “Planet Earth.” “That really inspired me to want to preserve the environment around me,” says Lee, who is majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in the green economy. Lee wanted to find […]
May 01, 2024

Northeastern research on HIV infection could lead to better drugs to treat the virus

It has been more than 40 years since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and scientists still don’t fully understand how HIV enters and replicates in human cells, which has hindered the development of treatments. New research by a team of physicists led by Northeastern University professor Mark Williams is working on a solution. There is no […]
April 29, 2024

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