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Of Mice and Women

Victorian-era stereotypes that were originally used to keep women out of leadership positions are still with us today, says Rebecca Shansky, an associate professor of psychology at Northeastern. And they're interfering with scientific research.

This Salamander Can Regenerate Limbs like Deadpool. Can It Teach Us to Do the Same?

James Monaghan, associate professor of biology at Northeastern, is studying the axolotl, a type of salamander native to Mexico because of its ability to regrow lost or injured body parts. Monaghan hopes that ability might one day be transferable to humans.

You Think You Can Read Facial Expressions? You’re Wrong.

Everything from emotion-reading AI to TSA terror threat recognition training relies on the assumption that emotions can be deciphered from basic and universal facial expressions. A new study by Northeastern professor Lisa Feldman Barrett shows that the evidence has always been saying otherwise.

They Know What Astronauts Are Going to Need Once We Put Them On Mars

Two projects by Northeastern students, designed to help astronauts Mars, will be on display at the Museum of Science this weekend. One group of students has built a drill to extract water from beneath the planet’s surface. The other group built a rover to accompany and assist astronauts as they work.