Analia Albuja

Analia Albuja

Assistant Professor
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About Analia Albuja

Analia Albuja is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology and Applied Psychology departments. She directs the Belonging and Social Identities Lab, which studies how multiple identities (e.g., biracial, bicultural identities) are lived and perceived in a society that largely views social categories as distinct and static. Specifically, the lab studies 1) the identity experiences of people who hold multiple identities, and 2) how people who hold multiple (or otherwise stigmatized) identities are perceived by others. Questions of interest include, how do people integrate their multiple identities, and how is the process of integration age- and context-dependent? What drives social attitudes toward Multiracial populations? How do those attitudes reflect broader societal understandings of race and identity? The lab addresses these questions and more using a broad range of methodologies including experimental, physiological, behavioral, longitudinal, and developmental approaches, as well as secondary analysis of large data sets.


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125 NI (Nightingale Hall) 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
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Belonging and Social Identities Lab

The Belonging and Social Identities Lab (BASIL) seeks to: 1) produce high quality, impactful, reproducible research that advances understanding on the topics of identity, self-concept, discrimination, and health for understudied populations, particularly people who hold two identities simultaneously; 2) contribute to the broader field of social psychology by increasing the diversity of researchers at all levels, participants in studies, and topics of study; and 3) improve the culture of academia through steadfast commitment to core


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