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PhD Candidate Yian Xu wins RISE award

Congratulations to PhD candidate Yian Xu who received the RISE Scholarship award for Social Sciences, Business, and Law for her project titled, “Cognitive Bias in Legal Decision Making: New Evidence from Psychological Studies.” Check out this article, “RISE Awards: Grit over Glamour”, and read about what Yian has to say about her work. Well done, Yian!

Former student publishes paper and realizes love for scientific research

Congratulations to Melanie Arenson, B.S. in Psychology 2015, who recently published a paper in Cognitive Science entitled, “Anthropocentric by Default? Attribution of Familiar and Novel Properties to Living Things.” Arenson is currently working at the University of California San Francisco, and the San Francisco VA Medical Center on projects studying PTSD and cardiovascular health and […]

How humans bond: the brain chemistry revealed

Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett was featured in an article in the News@Northeastern entitled, “How humans bond: the brain chemistry revealed.” In the article, she discusses her research that found, for the first time, the neurotransmitter dopamine is involved in human bonding, bringing the brain’s reward system into our understanding of how we form human attachments. To […]

Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett featured in the News@Northeastern

Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett was recently featured in the News@Northeastern in an article entitled, "Healthy Aging: Can We Turn Back Time?"