Aaron Seitz

Aaron Seitz


  • Learning, Perception, Using Games To Measure And Train Cognitive Processes, Memory

About Aaron Seitz

Seitz’s research program aims to understand mechanisms of cognitive processes and to apply this knowledge for public benefit. His academic training is diverse, with a BA in theoretical mathematics, PhD in computational neuroscience, postdoctoral work in systems neuroscience and neuroimaging. His research has led to new insights regarding the roles of reinforcement, attention, multisensory interactions, and different brain systems in learning, computational approaches to learning, translational neuroscience and perceptual/cognitive enhancement, among others. He utilize psychophysical, physiological, imaging, pharmacological, genetic, and computational methods to study cognitively diverse populations, ranging from individuals with cognitive deficits (due to disease, injury, or development) to neurotypical individuals, to specialists (e.g., radiologists, athletes). As Director of the Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Well-being, he uses ambulatory tools (e.g., that run on mobile phones and tablets) to reach larger, more diverse, and traditionally underserved/understudied populations, to understand cognitive diversity (broadly defined) and to create tools to measure function and to personalize training based upon individualized needs.

Institutes, Labs & Research Centers
Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Well-being

Led by Dr. Aaron Seitz, our lab strive to improve your brain’s fitness. We research, test, and disseminate evidence-based, scientifically optimized brain fitness games that assist you in real life with memory, vision, hearing, learning, and more. We have a track record of making our tested procedures publicly available so that our innovations help our community and the world.



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