Ning Bao

Ning Bao

Assistant Professor


  • High Energy Physics, Quantum Information

About Ning Bao

Ning Bao is a researcher working at the intersection of high energy theory and quantum information science. One the high energy side, he is interested in questions such as the information theoretic properties of black holes, the necessary and sufficient conditions of holographic correspondences, and methods of classifying holographic multipartite entanglement.

On the quantum information side, he is interested in generic ways of classifying quantum entanglement, developing novel quantum algorithms by leaning on machine learning and applied mathematical techniques, and studying what quantum information theory can do in helping to inform the development of machine learning and techniques for physics in general.


Mailing Address:

100 Forsyth St, Boston, MA 02115
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Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Physics falls under the field of mathematical analysis, which is a broad branch of mathematics that encompasses many fields, generally sharing a basis in calculus. Historically, analysis has played a crucial role in solving problems in physics and engineering; recent years have seen surprising applications to solve problems in other mathematical fields like the Poincaré Conjecture in topology.

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