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James Halverson

James Halverson

Assistant Professor

Mailing Address:

111 DA (Dana Research Center), Boston, MA 02115


  • Theoretical Particle Physics

Professor Halverson’s research is in theoretical high energy physics, with a focus on the interface between particle physics and cosmology beyond the standard models, superstring theory and quantum field theory, and pure mathematics.

Superstring theory is currently the only known consistent framework for unifying all forces, and in each of its ground states (vacua) the associated particle spectrum may be computed explicitly. Vacua with particle spectra close to the standard model of particle physics often include additional particles that interact via standard model forces. One aspect of Professor Halverson’s research is to study these particles, their prevalence in string theory, and whether they differ from standard ideas in quantum field theory. Some of the most interesting cases arise outside of the regime of weakly interacting superstrings in M-theory or F-theory. In many cases these studies require formal progress in understanding string theory or quantum field theory, sometimes using modern techniques in pure mathematics.

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