Emanuela Barberis

Emanuela Barberis



  • Experimental Particle Physics

About Emanuela Barberis

Professor Barberis’s research in experimental particle physics is focused on the study of matter at the smallest distance scale. She is currently working on CMS experiments.

On the CMS experiment at the LHC collider at CERN, Prof. Barberis is studying collisions of protons at the world’s highest center of mass energy (currently 13 TeV). Prof. Barberis is working on searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model (leptoquarks searches, dark matter searches, and searches for non-Standard Model production of two Higgs bosons) and on the precision measurement of the production of W bosons in association with jets. She co-led the Exotica physics analysis group that studied Leptons+jets signatures (production of leptoquarks and similar signatures) and the Vector bosons+jets physics analysis group. She recently co-led the CMS Standard Model physics group. On the CMS experiment, Prof. Barberis works on the operation and upgrade of End-Cap Muon chambers and on several aspects of the muon reconstruction software.

Before joining the CMS Experiment, Prof. Barberis worked on the DØ experiment, at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider, where she led the effort to design and implement the software system which reconstructed events recorded by the Silicon Microstrip tracker, and co-led the Top quark physics analysis group.


Mailing Address:

111 DA (Dana Research Center), Boston, MA 02115
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Compact Muon Solenoid at LHC

We study precision measurements of Standard Model processes and are searching for signatures of new physics, including leptoquarks, dark matter candidates in topologies with Z bosons and invisible decays, and exotic production and decays of Higgs bosons.

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