Toyoko Orimoto

Toyoko Orimoto

Associate Professor


  • Experimental particle physics

About Toyoko Orimoto

Prior to joining the Northeastern faculty, Prof. Orimoto was a fellow at CERN (2009-2012) and the Robert A. Millikan fellow at the California Institute of Technology (2006-2009), as part of the CMS Collaboration. For her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, she studied charge-parity asymmetry with the Babar Experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. She has also studied high resolution beam position monitors for a future linear collider.


Mailing Address:

111 DA (Dana Research Center), Boston, MA 02115

Office Address:

222 DA (Dana Research Center), Boston, MA 02115
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Compact Muon Solenoid at LHC

We study precision measurements of Standard Model processes and are searching for signatures of new physics, including leptoquarks, dark matter candidates in topologies with Z bosons and invisible decays, and exotic production and decays of Higgs bosons.


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