Honors In Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers exceptional students an opportunity to graduate with Honors in Chemistry upon completion of 8 SH of research and writing a senior thesis.

Students seeking Honors in Chemistry must:

  • present a thesis proposal to a committee composed of their advisor and one additional faculty.
  • Submit a thesis to their committee prior to graduation.
  • Make an oral presentation of their thesis work as defined by their committee.

Eligibility for Honors in Chemistry includes:

  • minimum GPA of 3.6.
  • complete a minimum of 8 SH of supervised, independent research with a faculty advisor.
  • the first 4 SH of research may be completed in any of the following courses: CHEM 4750 (Senior Research), CHEM 4991 (Research), CHEM 4992 or CHEM 4993 (Directed Study).
  • the second 4 SH MUST be completed by registration in CHEM 4992 or CHEM 4993 and completion of a thesis.
  • students who use a combination of CHEM 4991-CHEM 4993 to complete the requirement for Honors in Chemistry are allowed to substitute one of these courses for CHEM 4750.
  • students completing the requirements for the final 4 SH must have senior standing.

Complete and submit this form and required paperwork in order to initiate the Honors in the Discipline process.