Honors In Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers exceptional students an opportunity to graduate with Honors in Chemistry upon completion of 8 SH of research and writing a senior thesis.

Students seeking Honors in Chemistry must:

  • present a thesis proposal to a committee composed of their advisor and one additional faculty.
  • Submit a thesis to their committee prior to graduation.
  • Make an oral presentation of their thesis work as defined by their committee.

Eligibility for Honors in Chemistry includes:

  • minimum GPA of 3.6.
  • complete a minimum of 8 SH of supervised, independent research with a faculty advisor.
  • the first 4 SH of research may be completed in any of the following courses: CHEM 4750 (Senior Research), CHEM 4991 (Research), CHEM 4992 or CHEM 4993 (Directed Study).
  • the second 4 SH MUST be completed by registration in CHEM 4992 or CHEM 4993 and completion of a thesis.
  • students who use a combination of CHEM 4991-CHEM 4993 to complete the requirement for Honors in Chemistry are allowed to substitute one of these courses for CHEM 4750.
  • students completing the requirements for the final 4 SH must have senior standing.

Click here to complete the Honors in the Discipline Intention Form. This form will inform COS Undergraduate Student Services of your intentions to complete the Honors in the Discipline requirements.